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Different Types Of Roads Pdf Download

Different Types Of Roads Pdf Download


Different Types Of Roads Pdf Download --




















































Different Types Of Roads Pdf Download


List of road types by features . Different terms are used in different countries for broadly the same design, although there are differences. Multi Modal . Many types of road exist around the world, all of which are thoroughfares which can be used by motorized traffic. ^ "highway".


Alley Avenue Backroad Boulevard Byway Collector road Crescent Court Cul-de-sac Dirt road Drive Frontage road Gravel road Highway Lane Living street Place Road Route Single carriageway Street Woonerf Way . In places the term highway is reserved for high capacity roads, in older English there was a distinction between highways and byways.[2]. ^ "British Highways and Byways From a Motor Car". References[edit]. For example, freeway USA, motorway UK and autobahn Germany all of which are broadly similar. Roads are not necessarily available for use by the general public without permission, highways are available to the public,[1] although a toll may be charged. Types of roads[edit]. See also[edit]. TheFreeDictionary. Limited access grade-separated highways .


Lower capacity highways . A road can consist of one or more carriageways. Autobahn Auto-estrada Autopista Autostrada Controlled-access highway Expressway, a term used inconsistently in different locations; see Controlled-access highway and Limited-access highway Freeway High-quality dual carriageway (HQDC) Interstate Highway Limited-access highway Motorway Super two . 2 1 road 2 2 road Arterial road Autostrasse Dual carriageway Expressway Farm to Market Road Parkway Trunk road Turnpike . .. Multi-modal roads: a newer concept with lanes for different classes of traffic . Generally private roads .


Undiscovered Scotland. v t e Streets and roadways Types of road Limited-access Freeway/ Motorway Dual carriageway/ Divided highway/ Expressway By country Brazil Croatia Czech Republic Germany Greece Hong Kong India Ireland Italy Pakistan Portugal Spain United Kingdom United States Main roads Arterial road Collector road County highway Express-collector setup Farm-to-market road Highway Link road Two-lane expressway 2 1 road 2 2 road Parkway Super two Trunk road Highway systems by country Local roads Alley Backroad Bicycle boulevard Boulevard Country lane Cul-de-sac Driveway Frontage road Green lane Main street Primitive road Road Side road Single carriageway Single-track road Street Sunken lane Other terms Channelization Concurrency Detour Hierarchy of roads Private highway Route number Special route Business route Street hierarchy Toll road Road junctions Interchanges (grade-separated) Cloverleaf Diamond Free-flow Directional T Diverging diamond Parclo Raindrop Roundabout Single-point urban (SPUI) Stack Three-level diamond Trumpet Intersections (at-grade) 3-way junction Bowtie Box junction Continuous flow Hook turn Jughandle Michigan left Offset T-intersection Protected intersection Quadrant roadway Right-in/right-out (RIRO) Roundabout Seagull intersection Split intersection Superstreet Texas U-turn Traffic circle Turnaround Surfaces Asphalt concrete Bioasphalt Brick Chipseal Cobblestone Concrete (Reinforced concrete) Corduroy Crocodile cracking Crushed stone Diamond grinding of pavement Dirt Full depth recycling Glassphalt Gravel Ice Macadam Pavement milling Permeable Plank Rubberized asphalt Sealcoat Sett Stamped asphalt Tarmac Texture Road hazards Aquaplaning Black ice Bleeding Crosswind Dead Man's Curve Expansion joint Ford Hairpin turn Level crossing Manhole cover Oil spill Oversize load Pothole Road debris Road slipperiness Road train Roadkill Rockfall Rut Speed bump Storm drain Washboarding Washout Whiteout Space allocation Bicycle lane Climbing lane Complete streets Contraflow lane Contraflow lane reversal High-occupancy toll lane High-occupancy vehicle lane Lane Living street Managed lane Median/ Central reservation Motorcycle lane Passing lane Pedestrian crossing Pedestrian zone Refuge island Reversible lane Road diet Road verge Runaway truck ramp Shared space Sidewalk/ Pavement Shoulder Street running railway Traffic calming Traffic directionality Traffic island Traffic lanes Unused highway Wide outside lane Woonerf Demarcation Cable barrier Concrete step barrier Constant-slope barrier Curb F-shape barrier Guard rail Jersey barrier Raised pavement marker Road surface marking Rumble strip Traffic barrier Traffic cone Structures Bridge Causeway Overpass/ Flyover Underpass/ Tunnel Glossary of road transport terms Road types by features . Driveway . Higher capacity highways, sometimes with medians



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